If you are interested, first find a good portrait or figure photograph (or photographs).  If you would like a double or group portrait but do not have a good photo of all the subjects together, I can use more than one photo to make a composition.

Relaxed, informal shots, preferably taken in natural light, make for a better portrait than posed studio or flash photographs.

Photos should be emailed initially (.jpg format) to help with the price negotiation.

Once agreed, I would prefer you to send actual photographs by recorded delivery, as they are better to work from.   A scanned, compressed and reprinted jpeg image may well lose its original tonal balance.

I will treat all photographs with extreme care, but it is always sensible to send a professional copy, to ensure the safety of a precious original.

(A deposit of 50% is required on agreement of price and commission of artwork.)

The balance is due on acceptance of the finished work, a preview will be emailed or sent for your approval and, time permitting, I am happy to send you a progress report.  Completion date will depend on how large the portrait is and current workload but a typical timescale from receipt of photo to completion of portrait is around 2 weeks.  (Payment may be made by cheque or secure online payment via PayPal.com.)  Once the payment is cleared, I will post your portrait.

I do not offer a framing service, as I believe that choice of frame is a matter of personal taste.  Therefore, I undertake to send only your drawing in a tube to protect it in the post.

Overseas Orders

I am happy to accept orders from outside the UK and, as mailing the original is likely to prove both expensive and time-consuming, I will accept a high quality jpeg file.